At Emporio Collection we take everything related to the gastronomic culture very seriously.

We are proud of the culinary offer you can find in Mexico, not for nothing in 2010, it was inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

We have deep respect for food, drinks and their different rites and methods of preparation.


The bread in Emporio Hotels Collection is not just any bread.

It is made with the best ingredients and under the authentic French technique.

The French style of Emporio requires a special training and special ovens.

We do a whole ritual of freshly baked bread in the authentic French style.

An experience that enhances technique and flavor in every bread we serve.

In our restaurants Condimento it is usual to find the Boulanger offering fresh bread between the tables.



Emporio Coffee is a superior blend, selected from Mexico’s best coffee areas and in support of Mexican producers.

EWe have the task not only to select the best beans but also to always have fresh coffee for the delight of our guests and customers.

We put French presses at our clients’ s disposal.

Revitalize yourself with a cup of coffee!



Our mixologists will be in charge of offering superb drink with gin, mezcal, vodka, apple, cucumber, kiwi, and other unusual elements.

We want to create the perfect mix to generate the best sensations.


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