Gastronomy - Emporio Hotels
Our bread is made with the best ingredients using authentic French techniques. It requires special training and ovens very few restaurants in Mexico have. At our Condimento Restaurants, it’s common to find a boulanger going from table to table each morning offering diners fresh baked bread. We take the task of selecting the best coffee beans very seriously. Our coffee is sourced from Mexico’s top coffee zones. We put French presses at the disposal of guests, for those who like to prepare it at their table.
At Emporio Hotel Collection we take everything related to culinary culture very seriously, down to the rites and ways of preparation. We are proud of the array of cuisines you’ll find in Mexico. It’s not for nothing that it’s considered World Heritage.
At Emporio Hotel & Resort we offer the most select dishes, made with the highest quality ingredients. Delight your palate at any of the restaurants we have at our different destinations, each one focused on providing the best service. Enjoy from fresh seafood on the coast of Mexico or a traditional Mexican dish in the heart of the most beautiful cities of our country. Rediscover a new way of appreciating the flavors of modern and traditional cooking.
Our mixologists will be offering you drinks with gin, mezcal, vodka, apple, cucumber, kiwi, and other unusual elements. We want to create the perfect mix to generate the best sensations.