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Secret Spots Not to Be Missed in Cancun


One of the most popular destinations in Mexico, Cancun has a lot more to offer than just its famous crystal-clear waters and white sand beaches. Hidden behind its tourism façade are secret places not to be missed that only true adventurers have seen.

Today we delve into the heart of Cancun where you will find hideaways full of charm and mystery: from cenotes (otherwise known as sinkholes) to parks and spectacular islands. So we urge you to keep on reading and discover hidden spots in Cancun that you can explore on your next visit.

Cenote Lu’um – Puerto Morelos

The Cenote de la Tierra (Earth Cenote), also known as Cenote Lu’um, is a fascinating place. It can be an exciting day trip, as it offers a wide range of exciting activities, like swimming, kayaking, rappelling and snorkeling.

The crystal-clear, sapphire-colored waters of the cenote are simply breathtaking and create a magical atmosphere. And although it is not a particularly long space, because the waters connect to a water table through underground tunnels, it is well worth seeing and taking in its beauty.

Furthermore, the cenote is surrounded by lush vegetation, making it charming and picturesque. Since the only way to get into the water is by rappelling, experts are on hand, and the price to visit Cenote Lu’um varies according to the service you hire.

Kabah Park – Cancun

Kabah Park is truly a conservation oasis and lung for the city. Declared a natural protected area in November 1995, it is a treasure that encompasses approximately 101 acres of lush, carefully protected flora and fauna.

It is clearly among the most captivating destinations for both city residents and visitors seeking a genuine connection to nature. Its well-deserved reputation is the result of tireless work in protecting Cancun’s endemic species and the diverse activities available at Kabah Park.

The park has successfully provided a safe home for its natural jewels, while preserving a vast green sanctuary. Its inhabitants include turtles, rabbits, birds and crocodiles, any of which you may see during your visit.

But that’s not all, since it also has an area containing the “Casa Maya Museum” that relates the history of the civilization. Another option is to do a sports circuit on the grounds: jogging, walking, exercising on the equipment or yoga.

Last of all, be sure and go by the “Aguada”, where you will see a great many of the animals, since it is the “greenest area.” It is good to know that you can visit by bicycle, and to find your way here, just ask any security officer how to get to Kabah Park.

Xcacel – Xcacelito in the Riviera Maya

The fine, soft white sand at Xcacel seems to caress your feet as you walk along the water’s edge. The sea together with this pristine Riviera Maya beach are genuine natural treasures that sparkle with the crystal-clear turquoise waters.

The rich marine biodiversity and coral reefs in the water shelter an extensive variety of marine species, turning scuba diving and snorkeling into fascinating activities central to the zone.

Swimming among colorful fishes and exploring the secrets of the underwater world is an unforgettable experience. Here you might just find yourself beside a white and/or a loggerhead turtle, because it is a place where they find safe refuge for nesting and laying their eggs. If luck is with you, you could get the unique chance of viewing close-up the nesting and hatching processes of these incredible sea creatures.

Somewhat farther on is Xcacelito Beach, an incredible cenote surrounded by mangroves that help protect it. When you go in this fresh water, the millions of fish living in it try to suck the dead cells off of your skin.

Since they are so close to each other, the location of Xcacel-Xcacelito is basically one in the same, and you’ll have no trouble visiting them both.

Blanca Island

This truly private and peaceful spot is totally unlike the more popular Cancun beaches. It gives you a relaxed, isolated atmosphere, letting you bask in and on a practically deserted beach, with just a few rustic beach clubs and occasional visitors to be found.

It is, though, also highly popular among water sports lovers, since the wind and water conditions make it perfect for kite surfing, cycling, sports fishing and paddle boarding.

While the refreshing breeze, crystal-clear water and vast beaches make for unique and exciting experiences, that isn’t all there is. Blanca Island has plenty of fauna that you may see, including crocodiles, iguanas, toucans, monkeys, turtles and more.

Keep in mind that being a less developed beach, Blanca Island offers fewer services and comforts in comparison with the more touristy beaches in Cancun, and as a public beach, it has no regulated visiting hours.

As you have been able to read, Cancun has much more to see and do than is obvious at first glance. Each of the places presented here provides a unique, very real experience far from the tourist crowds. From beach hideaways to concealed cenotes, you will be enthralled and will want to see them again and again, so don’t give it anymore thought, and make a trip to see them as soon as possible.

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