Summer Getaway at Emporio Hotels

July 15th, 2021 Coordinador Web

As it is well known, in the summer time the days are long and the nights are short. If you are a fan of this time of the year, in which for a moment you want to leave behind all the stress of work or school thinking about a well-deserved vacation, Emporio Hotels are your best option. 

Enjoy starry nights listening to the waves of the sea in Ixtapa. Learn to dance danzón in the Plaza de Armas in Veracruz. Find the perfect aguachile in Mazatlan. Relax for a weekend in the legendary bay of Acapulco. Spend the day exploring the best restaurants in Mexico City or the museums of talented local artists in Zacatecas. Relax with a cocktail in hand while appreciating the turquoise sea of Cancun, or reconnect with the whole family in the relaxed atmosphere of Samba Vallarta All Inclusive.


What is the best part? If you book before August 20th, you can enjoy a discount starting at 45% off, traveling starting today until October 30th. 

At Emporio Hotels we want to pamper and protect you. We have Safe Travels and Preverisk certifications that ensure the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation.

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Acapulco, the destination you must know

July 5th, 2021 Coordinador Web

“Vamos a la playa, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!”


Acapulco is one of the most loved and popular destinations in Mexico where you can always enjoy an excellent weather, dreamy sunsets, a variety of beaches, delicious gastronomy, different activities for the whole family, friends, or couple, warm hospitality of the locals and a great places to enjoy at night. 


Already convinced to vacation in Acapulco, but still looking for lodging? Emporio Hotel Acapulco is your best option. Its location is privileged, you will find “Galerias Diana” shopping mall in front, different restaurants, and nightclubs just a few steps away, as well as the diving experience at the Roqueta Island, the iconic Quebrada where you can enjoy a diving show and many more activities that you will love. 

Aside from the incredible and privileged location our hotel has different amenities to satisfy the needs of our guests. In fact, this year we won the Travellers’ Choice from TripAdvisor. 

Emporio Hotel Acapulco has 4 room categories to suit your requirements, whether you are traveling with your family, partner, or friends. The best part? All of our rooms have ocean views. 

If you are a traveler who loves to stay all day at the hotel, don’t worry! At Emporio Acapulco we have different restaurants and bars so you can enjoy a good breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just have your favorite drink either in one of our restaurants, or at the 18+ pool. Speaking of pools, at Emporio Acapulco you can enjoy 3 of them: the family pool, where your children will surely have a great time with our water slide, the 18+, and the infinity pool, which has a spectacular view of the ocean. 




Are you ready to book?

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Our commitment to cleanliness

June 6th, 2020 Coordinador Web


We understand how crucial it is to establish new, and higher, standards of cleanliness and hygiene and to implement social distancing. To ensure a clean environment for both our guests and team members, we have partnered with PREVERISK, a global leader in hotel consulting certified in COVID-19 preventive protocols for disinfection, hygiene and general sanitation (Hygiene Response Certificate).

At all times, the health of our guests and team members is our priority. In addition to tapping into the expertise of our consultants, we will also ensure that the hygiene practices at all of our facilities meet, or exceed, the recommendations of local and international health authorities, through the following actions:


protocols_upon_arrival_Emporio Hotels

  • Cleaning and disinfecting luggage of incoming guests.
  • Temperature checks for arriving guest. In the event of a guest having an elevated temperature, a doctor will be available.
  • Sanitizing mats for shoes.
  • All team members will be equipped with mask and face shields.
  • Acrylic shields will be placed at the front desks.


cleaning_sanitazing_protocols_Emporio Hotels


  • Hand sanitizing stations placed in strategic locations such as the front desk, restaurant entrances and all other public areas.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols every 2 hours for high-touch areas and points using certified by Bayer and ECOLAB sanitization products.




  • All bed linens including duvet covers, pillowcases and sheets in all rooms are sanitized and changed before the entry of a new guest.
  • Reducing or removing non-essential high-touch items (magazines or books, etc.).
  • Fogging disinfection upon departure of each guest.




  • Furniture in public areas will be rearranged according to social distancing guidelines.
  • Application and signaling of safe distance in all areas of the hotels.
  • Acrylic shields placed on all service points to ensure protection between guests and team members.




  • Temperature Checks at all our food and beverages outlets entrances.
  • Use of QR code menus, disposable menus for our clients and assisted buffet (applies to some of our hotels).
  • Constant hand washing every 20 minutes by our team members.
  • Daily spray sanitizing of all our food and beverage areas, restaurants and kitchens.
  • All team members will be equipped with face shields and mask.




  • Furniture in public areas will be rearranged according to social distancing guidelines.
  • Washing and disinfecting procedures of saunas, steam rooms and showers after each use.
  • Sanitization of equipment in Fitness Centers and Spa after each use.
  • Sanitization of high-touch areas and points in Fitness Centers, Pool and Spa.




  • Entry control with hygiene and prevention measures (handwashing, temperature check, use of antibacterial gel, etc.).
  • Use of protection equipment at all times for all team members.
  • Training program on hygiene, prevention and preventive measures vs COVID-19.
  • Scheduled disinfection of offices and workstations with increased frequency.

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Emporio Acapulco, the destination you must visit

June 28th, 2019 Coordinador Web

Acapulco has become one of Mexico’s top beach destinations in recent years. Its beaches, sunsets, and especially the warmth of the people who live here make both domestic and international tourists want to come back every chance they get.



Emporio Acapulco has made a name for itself as one of the best hotels at this destination, and is ranked within the top ten best hotels by Trivago, thanks to the amenities offered at this majestic hotel.

The rooms come with all the features a vacation-goer is after: comfort, cleanliness, and spectacular views. In addition to this, at Emporio Acapulco, we’re committed to making every minute of our guests’ stay enjoyable, giving the best for them at every turn.


Emporio_Hotel_Acapulco_suite Emporio_Hotel_Acapulco_amenities

Emporio Acapulco includes a variety of restaurants and bars where you can enjoy a delicious lunch, a romantic dinner, or just kick back with a cocktail and soak up the sun by the pool.

Emporio_Hotel_Acapulco_Condimento_restaurant Emporio_Hotel_Acapulco_Condimento_restaurante_terrace


Come and see everything that Emporio Acapulco has to offer, book your vacation and don’t miss out on the chance to spend an incredible time at our hotel. We assure you you’ll be delighted, as are all our guests.

At Emporio Hotels, we want your stay with us to be a lasting memory for you and your companions.

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The baked goods and coffee experience at Emporio Hotels

June 28th, 2019 Coordinador Web

One of the classic traditions we’ve maintained at Emporio Hotels is the “Baked goods and coffee experience,” a custom that locals and foreign visitors alike can enjoy at any of our destinations.

Employing a French concept and techniques, our bakers make 14 pastry varieties, such as croissants, chocolatínes, tutis, vanilla and chocolate conchas, moños, muffins, and elephant ears to name a few. They’re baked in a traditional stone oven at 320°F with 30 percent humidity for 15 minutes in order to achieve the perfect crunch.

At Condimento Restaurant, the smell of freshly baked bread starts to fill the air a few minutes before seven in the morning and it’s at 7 o’clock on the dot, when the boulanger rings a bell announcing “fresh-baked bread,” before going from table to table to offer our diners all the bread varieties. If you don’t make it first thing in the morning, don’t worry. This ritual is repeated every 15 to 30 minutes until noon.

Espresso, double espresso, latte, vanilla, cappuccino, chai, and iced coffees are among the different options made with Mexican beans sourced from Chiapas, Veracruz, and Oaxaca that comprise our brand and which you can enjoy with your favorite baked good.

Come, bring all your loved ones, and enjoy this wonderful experience every morning at Emporio Hotels. We’re expecting you!


experiencia-pan-cafe-Hoteles-Emporio experiencia-pan-cafe-Hoteles-Emporio experiencia-pan-cafe-Hoteles-Emporio experiencia-pan-cafe-Hoteles-Emporio experiencia-pan-cafe-Hoteles-Emporio

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